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Over 10,000 jobs in fashion online at FashionUnited

By FashionUnited



FashionUnited is proud to announce that the job board for the fashion industry reached a total of 10,000 vacancies internationally from top fashion companies all over the world. More than 9,000 fashion companies recruit their new employees through the FashionUnited network.

This key milestone encourages FashionUnited to roll out it’s formula in even more countries to help fashion companies recruit potential employees in the most efficient and cost effective way. 30,000 job seekers visit the website everyday to find their dream job in the world's most creative industry.

FashionUnited expects the fashion industry to further centralize the job offers. Lennard Minderhoud, CEO FashionUnited: “In this time and age recruiters have to make choices. One of these choices is: Do I choose quantity or quality? We have noticed that the quality of the candidates and employer branding have become more and more important for companies posting jobs online. A niche recruiting tool like FashionUnited is able to meet the needs of the recruiter, save them time and money, and to reach the right audience.”

000 jobs in fashion online at FashionUnited
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