The Fashion Education Network: A global go-to platform for fashion educators

Education is where the journey of every fashion professional begins. Whether the focus lies in design, business management or technology, educational institutions collectively establish the ground from which the industry grows. Fashion education is rich in content and learning opportunities that are constantly growing and evolving to keep up...

13 Feb 2023


Special news section launched for latest AW23 collections and trends

As the global B2B fashion network, FashionUnited launched a free and special section dedicated to the latest need-to-know news about AW23 trends. The fast-evolving fashion industry continues to recover from the pandemic, with fashion weeks and events back in full swing. Brands introducing their AW23 collections, the buying season quickly...

23 Dec 2022


Fashion Federations Directory with over 100 apparel associations, federations and NGO’s

A significant part of the global fashion industry is driven by large organizational entities that strengthen the impact of fashion on the world economy. Federations connect the different parts of the fashion business, from the manufacturing level to the creative direction. Thus, becoming the ambassadors of the textile and apparel sector. Some...

15 Dec 2022


Over 4.000 Fashion Brands in FashionUnited Brand Directory

The fashion industry is constantly growing, introducing new brands in various categories, whether it is digital, sustainable, circular, or fast fashion. The value of the fashion sector is estimated at nearly two trillion US dollars, making it possible for the industry to expand in many directions. As an international B2B network, FashionUnited...

16 Nov 2022