Over 4.000 Fashion Brands in FashionUnited Brand Directory

The fashion industry is constantly growing, introducing new brands in various categories, whether it is digital, sustainable, circular, or fast fashion. The value of the fashion sector is estimated at nearly two trillion US dollars, making it possible for the industry to expand in many directions. As an international B2B network, FashionUnited...

16 Nov 2022


FashionUnited’s new Product Database saving partners time and money

The growing digitalization in the fashion and accessories industry urges brands and retailers to optimize the process of product data management to better compete in the omnichannel world. Today’s complexities in the data requirements from various platforms and retailers in terms of formats, reveal lack of collaboration and efficiency....

15 Sept 2022


Global Sustainability Certifications in fashion listed

Sustainability is essential in the fashion industry and with that comes the need for certifications to navigate through the complex market; whether that is labor rights, chemical control, circular standards, or fair trade for example. However, there is no official mandate for any company to verify the sustainability of their products and...

9 Sept 2022


Sustainable fashion events

As an independent B2B media business, FashionUnited provides a platform for the growing demand to enable connection and global exchange amongst businesses involved in fashion, and share relevant events addressing social and environmental sustainability. The latter has become a pressing challenge in the fashion industry which many events are...

13 Jul 2022