FashionUnited domain switch in the spotlight of Nominent video campaign

FashionUnited announced its switch from to the shorter and sharper .uk domain “” last November. The domain is registered with Nominent, one of the of the world’s leading internet registry companies. Recently, Nominent launched a campaign that puts businesses making the switch to the more contemporary .uk in the spotlight. FashionUnited is proud to be part of this innovative campaign, which highlights FashionUnited’s motivation for the domain change.

Switching to .uk - leaving the co. behind

FashionUnited is always striving for more efficiency within the fashion industry. When the .uk web domain became available for businesses for the first time in June 2014, CEO Lennard Minderhoud did not hesitate and decided to save busy fashion professionals time and 7 keystrokes by leaving the .co as well as the www. behind at the same time. Switching to the shorter .uk makes FashionUnited the first international B2B fashion publication to make the move.

Nominent, which promotes the .uk domain as the newest addition to their UK domain products, was especially interested in FashionUnited, as FashionUnited is an international company, Dutch by origin, making the switch. The interview “Why .uk is our accessory of choice with CEO Minderhoud offered his first insights and caught Nominent’s attention to visit the FashionUnited HQ last month to learn more about FashionUnited and the new domain The result is the 1,13 minute long film that will be presented alongside other innovative business who dared to make the change, encouraging others to also save visitors at least 3 keystrokes for more efficiency and usability online.