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360 degree view into leading industry events

By FashionUnited


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The FashionUnited team of international editors work hard to ensure we always remain at the peak of industry’s innovations 24/7, which is why FashionUnited has featured strong visuals such as photographs, videos and soundbites alongside of to-the-point news articles. In addition, FashionUnited is always up to date with the latest technology, reflected in our recent use of 360 degree photographs and videos for store openings, trade fairs and fashion week shows.

"We are always looking for new and innovative ways to tell stories and engage with our audience. Using 360 degree footage, although still in its infancy, is a great way to do that. It offers us the chance to take our readers to the front row of fashion week, or backstage. It also lets us take them on a virtual tour through some of the industry's leading trade shows or behind the scene at new store opening. We believe 360 photographs and videos are a great asset in transferring that initial feeling of excitement to the readers”, says Esmee Blaazer, Project Manager at FashionUnited.

360 degree videos

The 360 degree videos are made with a special camera that is able to capture its entire surroundings simultaneously. This allows the viewer to experience the event through the eyes of an actual visitor. Scrolling with the mouse via laptop will enable to ‘look’ around the space. The same is possible via smartphone or tablet by using your finger to ‘look around’. Watching the video on fullscreen and sound allows a full experience.

360 degree photographs

Also 360 degree photographs are the visual of choice for many FashionUnited interactive reports. ‘Tags’ in the shape of a circle allow the viewer to unlock narrative elements directly from the image. By clicking on these tags more information, related photos or videos are being revealed.

Images: FashionUnited