FashionUnited Privacy Policy

Updated May 11th, 2018


  1. Introduction and definitions

  2. Collected Information
    2.1 The Legal Basis for collection of Personal Data
    2.2 Information You provide
    2.3 Storage of Your information

  3. Limitation of use or disclosure of Personal Data
    3.1 Closing a candidate/ user account
    3.2 Closing an employer account
    3.3 Deleting a Job Application
    3.4 Modifying incorrect employer contact details
    3.5 Minimum age of FashionUnited users

  4. Purposes, uses and disclosures of information
    4.1 Creating an account, sending you job alerts, newsletters and other
    4.2 Your contact information
    4.3 Your resume information
    4.4 Transfer of information to third parties

  5. Other uses and disclosures of Non-Personal Data

  6. Security

  7. Cookies

  8. Exercising Your rights

  9. Dispute resolution for individuals in the EU and Switzerland

  10. Do Not Track requests

  11. Deletion and opting out

  12. Inquiries and complaints

FashionUnited values the trust our users and customers place in us when they give us access to their Personal Data when accessing and using its online and/or mobile services and websites as well as software provided by FashionUnited or in connection with such services or websites (collectively, the “Site”). The Privacy Policy describes how we work to maintain that trust and protect that information.

In particular, this Privacy Policy tells you:

  • what kind of personal and Non-Personal Data we might collect
  • how we might use that information
  • when we might use your details to contact you
  • what information of yours we might share with others
  • your choices about the personal information you give us

1.1 The FashionUnited entities responsible for Your information

All references to candidate/user and employer are defined as provided for in the FashionUnited Terms of Service Introduction.

With respect to candidates/users, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “FashionUnited” or “we” means FashionUnited World Wide LTD.

With respect to employers, “FashionUnited” or “we” means FashionUnited World Wide LTD and its subsidiaries.

1.2 Personal Data and Non-Personal Data

Personal Data (“Personal Data”) refers to any information that identifies you as a specific individual, and Non-Personal Data (“Non-Personal Data”) refers to any information that does not identify you as a specific individual. Please note that at all times FashionUnited will adhere to the applicable statutory definition in determining what is and is not Personal Data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy. Where this Privacy Policy refers to “information” or “your information” this may include both Personal and Non-Personal Data.

1.3 What does this policy cover?

This Privacy Policy covers only data that we collect through the site, and not any other data collection or processing, including, without limitation, the data collection practices of any affiliate or other third party, including any third-party operators of web pages to which the site links, and any information that we collect offline or through any websites, products, or services that do not display a direct link to this Privacy Policy.

Occasionally, we may refer to this Privacy Policy in notices on the site, including special purpose web pages, mobile applications, or other resources, for example, if we invite you to submit ideas to improve the site. This Privacy Policy applies to information collected by us through such special purpose resources, as modified in the particular notice (e.g., with respect to the types of data collected or our uses or disclosures of such information). FashionUnited may amend this Privacy Policy at any time.

You provide different types of information in order for FashionUnited to provide our services, products and features to you. You will be informed about the necessity of certain Personal Data at the moment of their provision.

FashionUnited only collects and processes Personal Data about you where we have lawful bases. Lawful bases include:

  • consent (where you have given consent)
  • contract (where processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with you (e.g. to deliver FashionUnited’s services you have requested))
  • “legitimate interests” (yours or of third parties, like your future employer - provided that such processing shall not outweigh your rights and freedoms)
  • legal obligation (necessary in order to allow FashionUnited to comply with local legal requirements).
    Where we rely on your consent to process Personal Data, you have the right to withdraw or decline your consent at any time and where we rely on legitimate interests, you have the right to object. Learn More. If you have any questions about the lawful bases upon which we collect and use your Personal Data, please contact our Data Protection Officer here.

2.2 Information You provide to FashionUnited

By creating Your account

We collect data from you when you create a FashionUnited account, request information, subscribe for a service, participate in a survey, post a rating or review, post a question or answer, post a resume, upload content or otherwise actively send us data on our site. This may include, but is not limited to, your user name, password, first and last name, email address, telephone number (including mobile phone number), street address, gender, occupation, interests, messages you send to users, and any other data included in a submitted profile or resume, including but not limited to application materials and answers to screener questions submitted to employers through FashionUnited and answers you give to any questionnaires sent to you, which you answer.

Through Your activity on FashionUnited

In addition, as part of the standard operation of the site, FashionUnited may collect and analyze information from your computer or mobile device and actions taken on the site, including, but not limited to, your resume, your searches on FashionUnited, the titles of jobs you search, click on or apply to, where those jobs are located, salary interest or experience, the general salary range or experience level of the jobs you view (where indicated), your activity time on the site and each page, page views, clicks, taps, session activity, browser type, operating system, type of device, MAC address (Media Access Control address), IP address (Internet Protocol address) and the domain name from which you accessed the site.

When using FashionUnited newsletter services

As an additional service FashionUnited provides newsletters to which you can subscribe FashionUnited may collect and analyze information from your computer or mobile device and actions taken, including, but not limited to, your searches on FashionUnited, the titles of news you search, your activity time on the site and each page, page views, clicks, taps, session activity, browser type, operating system, type of device, MAC address, IP address and the domain name from which you accessed the Site.

When providing employer information

If you are an employer, FashionUnited may request that you provide certain Personal Data to FashionUnited in order to verify your account. This information may include, but may not be limited to, your Business Registration Information, the name and email address of an employer representative.

This information will be used for internal purposes only, subject to any request by law enforcement or a court order. In connection with chargeable services, we may also collect payment information (e.g., the last four digits of credit card numbers and related verification information). Please note that FashionUnited only has access to employer credit card numbers, and does not store full credit card numbers.

When You apply to jobs on third-party sites

FashionUnited may also collect information about web sites and web pages you visit through our mobile software or while using FashionUnited for Chrome, and this may include third-party sites and web pages. We only do this in order to allow a Candidate/User to keep a record of particular job posts of interest, to detect a job application form on a third-party website to give a Candidate/User the option to auto-fill parts of the form using FashionUnited Resume, or to confirm an application.

When logging in or using FashionUnited from third-party sites

You may also create an FashionUnited account and log into it using third-party websites like, for example, Facebook or Google. If you do not already have an FashionUnited account but log into FashionUnited using your Facebook or Google account, this creates an FashionUnited account using the same email address used in your Facebook or Google account. If you agree to provide this information to FashionUnited, Facebook or Google will authenticate you and redirect you to FashionUnited’s site. Please note, when you log into FashionUnited using your Facebook or Google account, Facebook or Google will cookie you in order to authenticate you as a Facebook or Google user.

By accessing FashionUnited through your Facebook or Google account, you understand that Facebook or Google will share certain data detailed above in this paragraph for the purposes of authentication to permit you to access our site in a secure manner. You may stop this at any point from your Facebook or Google account. This information will be considered FashionUnited account information for purposes of your use of the site.

You have the ability to disable the connection between your Facebook or Google account and your FashionUnited account at any time by accessing your privacy settings on your Facebook or Google account. Facebook may also ask for your permission to share certain other details with FashionUnited, including but not limited to your name, profile picture, public profile information, and email address. For those users that avail of FashionUnited Family specifically, Facebook may ask for permission to share your friends list, and FashionUnited may use some of this data to connect you with other users of FashionUnited Family.

Please note that your account with Facebook or Google or any other third-party website is governed solely by your agreement with such third-party website.

  • Any other Personal Data we may receive from third parties

Any Personal Data that FashionUnited may obtain from other third-party sources will be processed by FashionUnited in accordance with this Privacy Policy and all applicable laws.

2.3 Storage of Your information

FashionUnited shall retain users’ Personal Data to the extent such retention is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed. In particular, FashionUnited shall not retain Personal Data for any longer than necessary for the purposes of performing the processing outlined in this Privacy Policy.

If you create a FashionUnited account, your information may be collected and stored in a manner that connects to your account email address. FashionUnited may also create and assign to your device an identifier that is similar to an account number. We may collect the name you have associated with your device, device type, telephone number, country, and any other information you choose to provide, such as user name, email address, or zip code.

FashionUnited may also store the information detailed in this chapter 2 of the Privacy Policy on its equipment or the equipment of third parties that FashionUnited has a relationship with. Such storage services will be governed by appropriate protections, as required by applicable rules.

3.1 Closing a candidate/ user account

When a candidate/user closes an account, he/she will no longer have access to any of the data made available under that account name, like for example jobs: saved and/or the ones he/she has applied to, job alerts, newsletters, resume, and any other data associated with the account.

Please keep in mind that FashionUnited reserves the right to keep any materials to protect its rights to the extent permitted by law or to comply with the law. This data might continue within FashionUnited systems, without being, however, available under the candidate’s/user’s original account name. When the candidate/user requests to close the account, FashionUnited will begin to process that instruction within 24 hours and will have completed the operation within 30 days.

If a candidate/user wishes to access or delete all their Personal Data held by FashionUnited, they should follow the steps listed in chapter 8 of this Privacy Policy.

3.2 Closing an employer account

Employers may close an account at any time by contacting FashionUnited customer Support. Please note that FashionUnited must preserve business records related to that account to comply with its obligations under law. Alternatively, if an employer wishes to access or delete their Personal Data held by FashionUnited, they should follow the steps listed in chapter 8 of this Privacy Policy.

3.3 Deleting a Job Application

If a candidate/user wants to take back a job application performed through FashionUnited’s site, they are advised to contact the prospective employer directly with this request.

For job applications and related documents submitted through FashionUnited, please note:

  • your applications and materials may be controlled by an employer
  • we may direct you to that employer for Personal Data deletion requests if that Personal Data is held by that employer
  • FashionUnited depends on the employer or the employer’s agent to provide FashionUnited with the correct destination for all applications.

3.4 Modifying incorrect employer contact details

If the electronic destination provided to FashionUnited happens to be incorrect, your application materials would not be sent to the intended recipient of the application. FashionUnited has no liability for such applications. If you do not wish to send your application materials in this manner, you should send them directly to the employer.

3.5 Minimum age of FashionUnited users

FashionUnited only processes Personal Data of candidates/ users that are of a legal working age, and adopts a range of measures to try to ensure that no other users are accepted. If you are under 18 years of age, please email [email protected]

Candidates’/Users’ information collected by FashionUnited is used for the purposes described in chapters 4 and 5 of this Privacy Policy and to the extent applicable.
In general, we use your Personal Data to:

  1. provide FashionUnited services, products and features to you, to help Candidates find jobs and Employers find candidates;

  2. to measure and improve those services, products and features; and

  3. to protect our users and provide them with support.

Find more detail on these purposes, uses and disclosures of your information below.

4.1 Creating an account, sending you job alerts, newsletters and other promotional materials

If and to the extent permitted by applicable law, FashionUnited may (alone or with help of third-party partners) use your contact information to:

  • create an account;
  • send you job alerts;
  • send you newsletters;
  • send you information about FashionUnited, including promotional materials.

FashionUnited may also share your information with third parties (including operators of third-party websites and/or social networking sites) in order to show you targeted advertisements and other content that has been customized for you. Such advertisements will only relate to FashionUnited’s services, products, and features, all of which focus on helping candidates find jobs and employers find candidates. If you wish to opt out of receiving any marketing messages from FashionUnited please see chapter 11 of this Privacy Policy.

4.2 Your contact information

When you give FashionUnited any kind of Personal and Non-Personal Data, you agree to its use for the purposes listed in chapters 4 and 5.

4.3 Your resume information

Your information, including Personal Data, is sent to the relevant employer when you apply for a job post and upload or edit a resume and/or other documents relevant to your professional profile. When creating your candidate/user account on FashionUnited, you will be able to choose to make your resume private or public (i.e. available to third parties).

4.4 Transfer of information to third parties

Transfers to employers

Employers agree to comply with all their responsibilities under applicable data protection rules with respect to the collection, processing, storage and protection of Personal Data.

Transfers to other third parties

We may use third parties to perform services to improve the site and our services, products and features, and to protect our users. These third parties may include (but are not limited to) service providers and vendors (like fraud detection software or cloud service providers).
Third parties may have access to and process Personal Data in order to provide these services. Those actions would only be carried out for the purposes listed in chapters 4 and 5 of this Privacy Policy, to the extent applicable and in compliance with the requirements of GDPR and other applicable laws. However, we will not be liable (to the fullest extent permitted by law) for any damages that may result from the misuse of any information, including Personal Data, by these companies.

Transfers of publicly available information

When users post content on FashionUnited in a manner that is intended to make that content publicly available and searchable by individuals, FashionUnited reserves the right to aggregate and share that information with third parties. As an example, if an employer posts a job on FashionUnited, FashionUnited may share that job posting or information contained within that job posting with third parties, at FashionUnited’s discretion and subject to agreement between FashionUnited and any such third parties. FashionUnited also reserves the right to share information aggregated from public sources in this capacity.

Please, keep in mind, that all information you provide to third-party sites or services that you may use through a link from FashionUnited is subject to the third-party’s policies.

Third-party sites You link to from FashionUnited

You may also use certain third-party sites or services that you link to from FashionUnited’s site. In such cases, all information you provide to a third party is provided to that third party and not to FashionUnited, and is subject to the third-party’s privacy policy and terms of service.

We are not responsible for the information collection, use, disclosure or other privacy practices of any third party, including our affiliates, third-party service providers, any employers (including any employer that provides a company page), any third-party social media platform, any third party making available the devices or operating systems for which the site is available, and any third party operating any website to which the site contains a link. you may have rights directly enforceable against these third parties so you should consider their privacy policies to learn more.

In addition to the other uses and disclosures of information set forth in this Privacy Policy, and notwithstanding anything in this Privacy Policy to the contrary, we may use and disclosure, for any purpose, any Non-Personal Data, except where we are required to do otherwise under applicable law. If we combine any Non-Personal Data with Personal Data, then we will only use and disclose such combined information for the purposes described in chapter 4 of this Privacy Policy while it is so combined.

FashionUnited is strongly committed to keeping your information safe and applies security measures to help protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of the Personal Data under our control. At the same time, no method of online transmission or storage can be completely secure and while we strive to protect your information, we cannot guarantee its full security.
FashionUnited enforces secure communications through HTTPS protocols. Also, the collected data is encrypted and hashed to avoid any form of data extraction and potential exposure in case of a data breach. Regular system checks and updates are executed for possible safety risks.
Please also be aware that we may use third-party cloud service providers for hosting, data storage and other online services, pursuant to standard terms and conditions that may be Nonnegotiable. To our knowledge, those parties provide adequate measures of data protection.
However, we will not be liable (to the fullest extent permitted by law) for any damages that may result from the misuse of any information, including Personal Data, by these companies.
If you wish to enquire further about the safeguards we use, please contact us using the details set out at the end of this privacy policy.

“Cookies” are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Please see our Cookie Policy (link to for further information regarding FashionUnited’s use of Cookies.

Candidates/ users that provide their Personal Data in the EU and in any other jurisdictions that adopt laws affording equivalent protections to those in the EU, may make use of the rights detailed below.

8.1 The right to access, edit and delete Your Personal Data

FashionUnited users are able to edit and update most of their Personal Data held by FashionUnited on the site.
If you have any queries or complaints about how we process your Personal Data we encourage you to contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. Should you wish to make a formal request to have FashionUnited:

  • access your Personal Data,
  • rectify any inaccurate Personal Data,
  • to object to, or restrict, processing of your Personal Data,
  • delete your Personal Data
  • please, attach a copy of your passport or national identity card to your email.

FashionUnited will provide you with your Personal Data in a portable format.

In case of requesting the removal of your data and once this request has been confirmed, FashionUnited will proceed to carry it out, followed by the deleting of your FashionUnited account. Where the deletion request relates to Personal Data that you previously requested be made public, we will make reasonable efforts to inform any other controllers of this request.

PLEASE NOTE: by requesting the deletion of your Personal Data, you will no longer be able to create an account with FashionUnited using the same email address. If you simply wish to close your account, please click the “close my account” button in your account page.

8.2 Some Limitations

The rights of rectification, objection, restriction, access, portability and deletion are subject to certain limitations, as provided for by applicable laws. The requests will be completed within the time allotted by relevant regulations, calculated from the moment of FashionUnited confirming your request. Where permitted by applicable law, please note there may be a charge for subsequent requests from the same individual, which will be determined by FashionUnited.

In compliance with the US-EU and Swiss-US Privacy Principles, FashionUnited commits to resolve complaints about your privacy and our collection or use of your Personal Data. EU and Swiss individuals with inquiries or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy should first contact FashionUnited by emailing [email protected].

We do not respond to the browser “Do Not Track” (DNT) signal if enabled by the user in their web browser. When we set or read cookies on Non-FashionUnited sites that have integrated our job search and display features, we do so, for example, to provide a personalized job search experience to users on those sites. We do not share any information about your use of FashionUnited with those third parties. When third parties that we have integrated into FashionUnited sites (as described in the FashionUnited Cookie Policy - link to set or read their own third-party cookies, they may or may not respond to the DNT signal.

If you no longer want to receive marketing materials, alerts or newsletters from us based upon your Personal Data going forward, you may opt out of receiving such marketing related messages by sending an email to [email protected]. Please note that we may still send other messages to you, such as administrative messages. We will comply with your request as soon as reasonably practicable, and in accordance with applicable laws.

You may contact FashionUnited at Hoogoorddreef 56, 1101 BE Amsterdam Zuidoost, The Netherlands. If you would like to contact FashionUnited’s Data Protection Officer, please send an email to [email protected].
Complaints: If you believe your data protection rights have been infringed by FashionUnited, you have the right to complain to the appropriate data protection supervisory authority in your jurisdiction.