Fashion Product Catalog

The growing consumer demand for clothing and footwear online requires more product information and demands fashion companies to process this information faster in their systems. FashionUnited has developed a tool to provide fashion companies faster and more efficiently with this growing request for digital information. A complete standardized central product catalog is built to provide fashion companies with digital information about the products included in this catalog.
Besides type, fabric, color, size, product codes, and other relevant data, also photos and videos will be added to the catalog if available. Retailers with a webstore can easily load all the information into their own system. Not only retailers, but also fashion companies can enrich their internal systems with the information supplied by the catalog.
The basic principle of the idea is pretty simple, brands send the product information about a garment to the system. The system puts the supplied information in the database in a fast and standardized manner, making sure that the fields are the same for all customers. This prevents that thousands of people around the world are uploading and re-entering the same data and editing the same product photos. Furthermore, the catalog makes product comparisons easier.
FashionUnited has launched this initiative to immediately create a big and relevant platform for product data. With more than 1 million monthly visitors, FashionUnited is one of the largest trade media in the fashion world and sees the publication of product data as a spearhead in promoting cooperation in the fashion industry.
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