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Work in fashion career centre: Top Employers and latest news

By FashionUnited PR


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Credits: Emma Rahmani from baseimages

In the vibrant world of fashion, connecting top talents and innovative fashion brands is key to industry success. That's where FashionUnited steps in. With a steadfast commitment and expertise in recruiting, as well as employer branding, the international B2B fashion network is dedicated to tackling the recruitment challenges of fashion companies across the world.

In the dedicated career centre, FashionUnited not only shares knowledge about the unique dynamics of the fashion industry in the special work in fashion section but also offers a diverse range of jobs. Whether it is vacancies in retail management, in-store fashion jobs, sales and marketing, or design, the career hub connects experts and leading fashion brands. While the jobs section enables professionals to search for their perfect fit, the employer branding pages provide brands with the opportunity to establish their brand identity and share about the work culture.

Over one million professionals turn to FashionUnited monthly for the latest news, making it the preferred platform for experts and enthusiasts to establish themselves in the industry. Through the longtime commitment to recruitment and employer branding, FashionUnited offers specialised knowledge at a cost effectiveness rate, allowing fashion companies to showcase their brand identity compellingly and attractively. With the ultimate goal to highlight the unique brand ethos while connecting with professionals who share mutual enthusiasm.

By exclusively focusing on the fashion industry, FashionUnited supports recruiters and professionals via its career centre to find the best fit and contributes to the industry’s unique and fast-paced dynamics.