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FashionUnited’s independent content deemed digital heritage

By FashionUnited



Ensuring transparent news content for future generations

When searching online for fashion news, jobs, or any other fashion industry related data, you can be almost sure to end up on FashionUnited. For over 20 years, the B2B network has been collecting, creating and communicating relevant content to the industry in over 30 countries worldwide.

FashionUnited’s team continuously explores innovative ways to create transparent, valuable, and diverse content, and making sure it reaches fashion professionals worldwide in an efficient way. Readers can stay up to date with the news on retail, trends, fairs, education, fashion, people and much more thanks to around 70,000 articles, videos and podcasts published yearly in 10 different languages.

According to Unesco, the incredible amount of transparent information is worth preserving for future research as 'digital heritage' and has been chosen to be additionally archived and protected within the Dutch Royal Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek/ KB). Beginning 28th December 2021, the KB will be legally responsible for the collection, description and preservation of publications of FashionUnited.NL. With the goal of preserving it permanently, the KB will keep them accessible for future generations and protect them from loss through, for instance, technological obsolescence.

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