Only a few months ago, FashionUnited has launched FashionWeekWeb, a platform dedicated to fashion week content from all around the world. In line with FashionUnited’s mission “more fun & efficiency in fashion”, FashionWeekWeb unites fashion week news and dates on just one website, thereby simplifying the lives of fashion professionals. Already to date, the leading fashion B2B platform is excited to announce the collaboration with more than 30 fashion weeks, demonstrating the relevance and need for a platform solely devoted to fashion week topics. 
“There are over 150 fashion weeks taking place throughout the year. It was about time to put the spotlight on those important happenings - with just one convenient platform”, says CEO Lennard Minderhoud. “FashionUnited’s editors have always been producing a good deal of fashion week news. With the new website, all fashion week articles published on FashionUnited can also be retrieved via FashionWeekWeb”, adds Minderhoud. On top, exclusive collaborations between FashionWeekWeb and to date more than 30 fashion weeks, boost the awareness of the catwalk events on the recently launched platform. Just as FashionUnited likes to look at things with an international focus, so does FashionWeekWeb. Hence, the partnerships aren’t limited to a country, rather cross continents, with collaborations from America to Australia.
The positive response to the fashion week dedicated platform and the increasing number of partnership requests, from around the world, show that FashionWeekWeb is a great asset for fashion professionals. FashionUnited, the leading B2B fashion platform, is looking forward to collaborating with even more fashion weeks this year, ultimately, reaching out to more than 150 shows in the near future. Fashion professionals involved in fashion weeks, who want to learn more about partnership opportunities, can get in touch by sending an email to: [email protected]