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FashionUnited.nl nominated for Website of the Year 2021

By FashionUnited



FashionUnited.nl has been nominated for the first time for Website of the Year in the News category, making it the only nominated B2B trade publication! Until November 17 everyone can cast their vote here.

The annual award is organized by business platform Emerce and market research agency Multiscope. Each year more than 500,000 votes are cast, divided into 40 different categories.

Why vote for FashionUnited as Website of the Year 2021?

Being nominated is a great honor. Fashion professionals are among the most demanding news consumers, always looking for accurate and transparent information in the rapidly changing industry.

And it is to you, FashionUnited readers, that the platform is constantly improving, whether through technical or content advancements. By voting, you can provide us with the ultimate feedback and evaluate the platform and its various components: overall design, speed, and high quality content.

To vote, click here.

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