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FashionUnited makes Global Image Library more efficient with AI

By FashionUnited


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FashionUnited continuously strives to connect industry professionals while making it more fun and efficient. In alignment with this mission, a newly updated FashionUnited LookBook has been launched to facilitate and inspire the user’s image sharing experience.

Visually appealing and easy to navigate, the redesigned FashionUnited LookBook aspires to become the world’s largest fashion image library. The new FashionUnited LookBook offers much more than the functionalities of a conventional image library. Thanks to its AI-driven algorithm, the image content is automatically recognized, appropriate tags are assigned and images are categorized accordingly. This enables images to be uploaded and labeled in the most effortless way, which makes search and sharing quick and intuitive.

Built almost 10 years ago, the FashionUnited LookBook garnered fans from the very beginning and was ahead of its time. Even before the emergence of big visual media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, it offered the unique opportunity for fashion professionals to share and find visual information.

The FashionUnited Global Image Library has continued to attract visitors with its vast database of fashion-themed images. The ease of use makes this image library a fun and inspiring experience. It is a collection of images from fashion shows, editorials, designer collections, photographers portfolios, and editor’s archives. After years of observing users’ needs and behaviours, FashionUnited offers the latest features based on these learnings.

Get inspired and share your visuals on the FashionUnited LookBook!

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