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FashionUnited launches global B2B Marketplace for fashion

By FashionUnited



In an ultimate attempt to unite the fashion industry and connect even more professionals, FashionUnited launched a B2B Marketplace providing apparel buyers with unique trend insights and brand collection overviews.

The world is changing and moving faster than ever towards the digitization of the industry. With many traditional trade events postponed or canceled, B2B trade is more complicated than ever, but having the right information has never been more crucial for fashion buyers.

Exclusive trend information for fashion buyers is specifically available for FashionUnited Buyer Members. Members can find the latest trends, news articles, video shows, webinars, and podcasts tailored for Fashion Buyers. The marketplace offers an efficient and transparent online overview of what fashion brands have available in current and future collections. Everything focused on providing the best possible information for buyers in the fashion industry.

Fashion brands can quickly and easily connect to the Marketplace with their existing B2B webshop from anywhere. They do not need to invest more time and effort in new technology and can provide buyers with information easily. They can now simply allow them to see current and pre-order collections.

In collaboration with Trade Fairs and Fashion Centers internationally, a 365 - 24/7 trade environment will be available for both current and SS21 collections. An important aspect of the Marketplace is that it unites existing organizations and activities which have moved online so that all stakeholders in the industry benefit as soon as possible and at the lowest possible costs.

Fashion Buyers and Brand owners can connect via fashionunited.com/marketplace.

Photo credit: Catwalkpictures.com, Altuzarra, Autumn-Winter 2020

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