FashionUnited first publication to switch to .uk domain
To save fashion professionals time FashionUnited has switched it's UK website to leaving the .co behind. At the same time www. has been let go saving 7 characters all together. FashionUnited is the first international b2b fashion publication to switch to the .uk domain
As of June this year a .uk web domain is available for the first time for businesses, creating a trend on the internet moving business from domains to .uk. FashionUnited is proud to be ahead of the curve, or at least cresting it. Germany has always had .de, France .fr, South Africa .za, Italy .it etc etc etc. Now finally we British can stop typing Three whole keystrokes, include the www. and you have 7. Internet company Nominet is offering over 10 million existing UK domain holders the chance to change to the shorter equivalent of their current address within five years.
Moving to a secure environment.
With the new website it also went from HTTP to HTTPS. That extra "S" in the URL means your connection is secure and it's much harder for anyone else to see what you're doing. Besides the security advantage, it also makes the website a lot faster.
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