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Class 2023 Graduate Lookbook showcases top global fashion schools collections

By FashionUnited


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Image Credit: Ron Lanch by Pexels

International B2B network FashionUnited’s AI-aided lookbook is helping to connect emerging designers with fashion professionals from across the world.

With the profound transformation the fashion industry is currently experiencing - whether that concerns sustainability or digital fashion - the growth and integration of the industry’s future generation is more important than ever. But young designers face a host of challenges when entering the sector, such as how to showcase their new collections to the broad and competitive fashion world.

That’s something FashionUnited is facilitating with its lookbook, a comprehensive image database allowing users to share visuals of the latest trends and collections spanning luxury, fast fashion, and sustainable brands. Every year, leading fashion schools such as the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), London College of Fashion (UAL), and Institut Français de la Mode (IFM), organise fashion runways to showcase their latest graduate collections. Sharing the images of these promising collections in the FashionUnited Lookbook gives students an early start to make a name for themselves and launch their careers. The visual material from each graduate collection is shared by the fashion schools themselves, collected by FashionUnited and uploaded to the lookbook respectively. Simultaneously, fashion professionals can leverage this AI-aided lookbook to instantly access over 100,000 images of those collections in one convenient place, using a simple search function and keywords such as “graduate”.

As the leading international B2B network, FashionUnited connects over one million fashion professionals every month, providing a well-connected and ever-growing platform for up-and-coming designers to get the best possible start to their careers by offering them maximum exposure to the broader fashion industry.

Check out 2023 graduate collections in the lookbook and explore recent graduate’s collections that are showcased:

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