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Buying new collections efficiently

By FashionUnited



Image credit: Pexels

With another fashion buying season coming to an end, and first FW22 collections already available online, the time has come to look back at this year, which is characterised by the industry visibly moving towards full digitalization.

Each fashion season FashionUnited brings a unique database of articles, collection videos, trend analysis, interviews, and other content. In 2021, thousands of original pieces, as well as hundreds of full fashion collections have been made available to professionals across the globe via FashionUnited’s redesigned Trends Page. Each article has been created, collected, and communicated entirely for free, helping to make fashion e-commerce more efficient and transparent.

Over 3,000 brands have already become part of the comprehensive AI powered Marketplace, where 200,000 products are being showcased to accredited buyers 24/7. Become part of the international community of digital fashion professionals and source the latest trends in a streamlined way! Join the B2B Marketplace now!