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70 000 articles published in 2019

By FashionUnited


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Over the past 3 years FashionUnited has more than doubled the number of articles published on its website..

The independent trade publication aims to inform and share information with the global fashion industry targeting professionals, media, and dedicated fashion followers. With this goal in mind, the international team of editors continuously push boundaries and explore innovative ways of creating transparent, valuable, and diverse content.

By expanding the platform to new international markets, the power of journalistic experience, and a multitude of new features, FashionUnited accomplished 60 000 written and over 10 000 media articles in 2019. Among more than 30 FashionUnited country sites, the English speaking ones brought the biggest editorial success, closely followed by platforms offering Russian and German speaking news.

The increase in quantity of articles published in no way hindered the quality of FashionUnited's content. Its steady growth in readership provides the proof with a 25% rise in page views over the past year.

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Image: Pixabay