FashionUnited News

At FashionUnited we believe that working in the fashion industry should be fun and efficient. That is why various FashionUnited features have been developed especially to make your daily working life a little less complicated, e.g. the FashionUnited News:

  • FashionUnited News provides fashion professionals with curated daily fashion news, industry insights, fashion trends and background information. FashionUnited cuts through the hype and noise and provides you with fashion news and b2b information that matters.

  • FashionUnited daily fashion news is updated 24/7. FashionUnited country newsletters are sent out 3 to 5 times per week.

  • FashionUnited currently operates fashion news websites in 20+ countries (and counting) and 10 languages.

  • FashionUnited News is written and published by a team of dedicated fashion journalists located in the major fashion capitals Paris, Milan, London, New York, 12 countries, 5 time zones and the multilingual editorial team based at our HQ in Amsterdam.

  • FashionUnited News can be read, searched and appreciated for free - we like to share, not to charge. We believe information should be available to all. FashionUnited is a community, a network of fashion friends and you don’t send friends a bill.

  • FashionUnited Education platform provides readers with fashion daily news and background information relevant especially for fashion educators.

  • The FashionUnited Executive platform provides readers with relevant financial fashion news, fashion executive changes and business analyses especially for fashion executives.

  • FashionUnited fashion event calendar keeps track of international trade fairs, exhibitions, fashion weeks and events. This will help you to make sure that you don’t miss out on any fashion events going on around the world.