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Innovative AI creates a more efficient FashionUnited Marketplace

By FashionUnited



Following the launch of the FashionUnited Marketplace earlier this year, FashionUnited continues with its aim to create an efficient and fun platform for industry professionals with the Marketplace’s innovative AI-powered search software.

An effortless shopping experience is provided for fashion buyers with FashionUnited’s easy-to-navigate Marketplace, its image content is automatically recognised and the appropriate labels are assigned from millions of predefined categories.

By using enhanced data in the search, the products can be identified in the most straightforward and intuitive way. Moreover, retailers can get FashionUnited’s enhanced data and use it in their systems, platforms, webshops and more.

After years of observing users’ needs and behaviours, FashionUnited offers the latest AI-powered search software based on these learnings. Click here to view the FashionUnited Marketplace. Within the directory, buyers can efficiently search through exclusive brands and products to purchase in-demand items for their stores. Accredited buyers get exclusive access to the most in-demand products on the Marketplace for free.

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