Working at FashionUnited

Finding the perfect place to work at is like finding a partner. The “click” is important, as you will be spending lots of time together. At FashionUnited the “partner for life” comes with 100 awesome people, based in 12 countries around the globe. Amsterdam is our headquarter - our home base.

We work with the biggest and most beautiful names in the fashion industry so we need “champions league” colleagues who go for the best.

What are you looking for?


    Are you looking for a company:

    • that boosts a dynamic and vibrant working environment
    • that is dedicated to find the best HR-, Marketing- & IT solutions
    • that works with world-renowned fashion companies
    • that loves new challenges and serving our clients’ needs
    • that consists of young experts from various fields and countries
    • that listens to what you have to say
    • where more than 10 languages are spoken
    • that has an open-door culture
    • that smells like adventure
    • that calls its Friday drink a borrel thanks to its Dutch heritage
    • that tastes like 14,000 cups of coffee a year
    • that doesn't have to question if the glass is half full or half empty - it’s half full!


    Then we might be a good match!

What are we looking for?


    At FashionUnited you’ll meet team players that are open minded, young, international and say “yes” to new challenges. As the online world is changing every day, we adapt, react and embrace change. We are constantly developing new HR-, Marketing- & IT solutions, to serve our clients’ needs. Our editors identify new ways to present the latest fashion news in the most visitor friendly way. We like to move, we don’t stand still. Do you share our core value's?

    What about you? Joining the FashionUnited crew means that you don’t mind change, love diversity and are passionate about what you do. You are the expert in your field, right? Now show it!

    This sounds good? Then you might want to take the next step in starting a relationship, our relationship. Please take a look at our current vacancies.



Editorial Department

At editorial we live and breathe fashion. We are at the epicentre of the industry, equally global and local, and as likely to cover the latest trade fairs and fashion weeks as we are to share unique local insights via our network of international journalists.

We are reporters at heart with a keen eye on the zeitgeist, monitoring the trends and global movements that impact fashion businesses and our readers. Our independent editorial team will go the extra mile to publish the most relevant content with a true global perspective.

Working in the editorial department at FashionUnited is to be part of an innovative and fast-paced environment where no two days are the same. Our daily readers of 1.5 million fashion professionals count on us to be fully informed every day of the week. If you’re a keen observer, wizard with words, independent and bold, then FashionUnited could be a great fit.


Meet Weixin Zha, Editor Germany

Ich bin Weixin. I have been working as an editor for all things German in Amsterdam for two years. I used to be a financial journalist and I am finding myself on a mission to combine facts with the ornate language of fashion features now.

My typical day at FashionUnited begins with a cup of tea in the morning, catching up with what’s happened overnight and seeing which news needs to be covered. Then it’s time to write and call companies. When it’s quieter, I’m working on background stories. I also love traveling to fairs and conferences for reporting – it’s the best way to see what’s going on and source ideas for new stories.

What I love about working at FashionUnited is the informal atmosphere, the independent ways of working, and international birthday treats.

Sales Department

The sales team is about people. We listen, we connect, we build relationships. We currently work with over 80% of the world's leading fashion companies and connect them to professionals looking for their next move within the industry. We are in sales, but we are not sales people. We are listeners, problem solvers and media advisors all in one. As this would be too lengthy for our business cards, we go by ‘consultant’.

We believe the magic lies in building relationships and offering innovative HR and marketing solutions. We listen to our partners’ needs, offer personalised updates about the market and create customised strategic HR media plans.

Do you want to get better at what you do every day? Come join our team of international, world class professionals. We are not looking for another sales person, we are looking for people who know how to listen and how to connect. Someone who can translate needs into detailed media plans. A strategic thinker with a can-do mentality. Are you this person? Then we invite you to the champions league and work with the world's greatest fashion companies every day.


Meet Lee Woodruff, Senior International Account Manager

My name is Lee Woodruff, I've been with FashionUnited since January 2018 and I oversee US and UK accounts from our Amsterdam HQ.

The lure of FashionUnited for me was the company's desire to make the fashion industry more transparent, spearheaded by unbiased news bringing to light sustainability initiatives and championing ethical practices in all sectors of the industry.

This transparency has brought people to FashionUnited for 20 years and all other services that are offered today, including the international Careers Centre, have stemmed from brands realising the engagement and nicheness of FashionUnited's audience.

My main task for the foreseeable future is to expand our US market which, by FashionUnited standards, is a relatively new platform. We are growing quickly and organically, leveraging our existing partnerships from across Europe, adding value and expertise within employer branding and talent attraction.

There are many perks of working for FashionUnited, not least the opportunity to travel and meet the biggest brands in the world, but I am most proud to be an employee of this company because of its continual efforts to change the fashion industry for the better.

Customer Support

Being a member of the support team means you love to help! We value service and our international team of professionals is there to assist our sales colleagues and clients across our platform of 30 global websites in 8 languages and make sure everything runs like clockwork, like jobs and banners appearing timely online. We are where the magic happens, and at the start of the journey where exciting careers begin.

As the crucial link between our teams, you’ll find us in the middle of the sales floor. This makes it easy to communicate with everyone. What is a typical day at Customer Support? We don’t have a standard answer. You could start your day by placing a banner for a French tradeshow online. After lunch you might post a vacancy for a well-known retailer in London. Assisting the IT team in finding a solution for a key account partner in Germany could be how your day ends.

Working in a customer-focussed manner is at our heart. Therefore, we speak our clients’ languages, who can count on us for support within 24 hours (though usually faster). Updating the sales team and providing customised client reports is part of our responsibilities too. So is making sure that our finance department receives clients’ sales orders that we create.

Sounds like fun? If you are precise, like to work under pressure and if relationship management is your true passion, you might be a great addition to our team!


Meet Evelyn Grunau, Head of Customer Service

My name is Evelyn, originally from Germany (but half Filipina), I have been living in the Netherlands for more than 10 years now. I studied in the Netherlands and Canada and have a BA in Leisure Management and an MA in Business Innovation.

I joined FashionUnited in 2012 and am now Head of the Customer Service Team. Our team is in touch with new and existing customers, who want to manage the vacancies they have online with us, or want to post new ones. Additionally we support the Account Managers with their tasks. I manage the team, oversee operational tasks and am the contact person for technical issues or questions of FashionUnited customers.

Every day I communicate in English, Dutch and German with our customers - but also with my colleagues! We are from all over the world and we can laugh and even cry together.

My personal goal is to be on a first name basis with as many German customers as possible - in the quite formal business world of Germany, this is a real challenge. A fun one though: I have seen some wedding dresses, had Facebook friend requests and also met a former contact for drinks when she visited Amsterdam! It’s nice to not only be someone providing a service, but to be a real (fun) contact person for the customers!

IT Department

We are innovators, creators and problem solvers. As the engine of FashionUnited we make sure the platform is running smoothly 24/7 and that customers receive top-notch solutions. How do we do this?

The international FashionUnited platform was created from scratch and everyday we work to improve its functioning, all while using the latest technologies and frameworks.

We design and develop the best user experience, both internal and external. We provide the highest performance webpages possible, create to the point reports and tailor-made integrations, for which our clients praise us.

We take our responsibilities seriously, but we meet new challenges with a creative, innovative spirit. Above all, we love to invent.

What did you learn today?


Meet Qazi Barkatullah, Manager Webmaster

I am Qazi Barkatullah, my role at FashionUnited is Manager Webmaster in India. I'm based at the company's New Delhi headquarters.

I have been working with FashionUnited for over a decade and began my career in July 2009. I previously worked as a web designer for a Saas company, also in New Delhi.

My main responsibilities are to oversee that call our content is timey uploaded and executed across FashionUnited multilingual platforms.

I love working with an international team, even if we are based in different continents, we all share the same goals and successes.

Marketing Department

At marketing we are building the FashionUnited brand. How do we do this? Well, there is no secret recipe. Building a successful brand requires many special ingredients.

We create concepts and campaigns to increase brand awareness, to spread the word and to attract visitors from around the globe. We form partnerships and become friends with key partners worldwide, no matter in which time zone they are based. At marketing we also constantly identify and serve the needs of our audience and fashion professionals in the most suitable way. That’s why we make the latest fashion news available through social media, update our platforms’ content and create pages with valuable insights for those working in the industry.

Our SEO specialists are architects who upgrade our sites, link the web and make sure that our pageviews grow constantly. We are storytellers across multiple mediums, devise creative marketing campaigns about FashionUnited to creating social media campaigns and reports.

If you like to advise, create, observe, evaluate, connect, communicate, listen and aren’t afraid of new challenges, you’ll love working in our team. We are a group of friendly marketing experts, with different fields of expertise, from SEO, Social Media to PR and communication. How would you like to contribute to our team?


Meet Natalia Ney, PR and Communications Manager

My name is Natalia and I've been supporting FashionUnited in the area of Communications, both PR and Marketing, since 2017. When I moved to the Netherlands from Spain, where I worked and lived for many years after my studies in Poland, I was determined to find a company that would align with my professional goals and also foster collaboration, transparency and a healthy work-life balance. On top of that at FashionUnited I found fantastic colleagues and a lot of inspiration.

My job is to make sure all internal and external communications are well-coordinated and lead to better awareness and recognition of FashionUnited's brand story. Whether through mutually beneficial partnerships with other fashion industry players, promotion of corporate content, internal blog management or data protection monitoring, I strive to bridge the information gap and its impact and to make fashion professionals' work easier, more efficient and transparent.

FashionUnited's unprecedented growth over the last two decades motivates my own personal and professional improvement. What I enjoy most about FashionUnited is that there are no two projects nor days the same and we all constantly grow together with the company.

Finance Department

The finance department is all about accountability, navigating numbers and managing the bottom line.

We are FashionUnited's control freaks. We like to check and double check and make sure that we are always on track. We record, we pay and we count. We like to see the bigger picture. For our colleagues we regularly put numbers into context by creating reports.

Next to juggling numbers, we are also a pretty social bunch and strong communicators. We are constantly in contact with clients and colleagues, making sure the products we offer make a return and are good for business. Our young team likes new challenges. What about you?

You’ll enjoy joining our team if you work accurately, like to connect with various people and share our passion for numbers.


Meet Saskia Tinholt-van Dugteren, Finance Manager

Hi, my name is Saskia, I have been part of the FashionUnited finance team since March 2014. As Finance Manager I am responsible for the daily affairs, the annual reports, the balance sheet, profit and loss review, cash management, etc.

To provide FashionUnited’s Management Team with better insights, my team creates budget sheets and management reports. We are learning and improving every day. In the past 2 years I have been improving the structure of the finance team, helping every colleague to become a specialist in their very specific field. This is an important development and I enjoy managing this process.

The diversity of people and the pleasant atmosphere makes FashionUnited a great place to work. When I’m not behind my desk I enjoy quality time at home and am a mother of three kids. When I have some time off I like to play the piano or read a book.

Currently we are looking for: