Working at FashionUnited

Finding the perfect place to work at is like finding a partner. The “click” is important, as you will be spending lots of time together. At FashionUnited the “partner for life” comes with 100 awesome people, based in 12 countries around the globe. Amsterdam is our headquarter - our home base.

We work with the biggest and most beautiful names in the fashion industry so we need “champions league” colleagues who go for the best.

What are you looking for?


    Are you looking for a company:

    • that boosts a dynamic and vibrant working environment
    • that is dedicated to find the best HR-, Marketing- & IT solutions
    • that works with world-renowned fashion companies
    • that loves new challenges and serving our clients’ needs
    • that consists of young experts from various fields and countries
    • that listens to what you have to say
    • where more than 10 languages are spoken
    • that has an open-door culture
    • that smells like adventure
    • that calls its Friday drink a borrel thanks to its Dutch heritage
    • that tastes like 14,000 cups of coffee a year
    • that doesn't have to question if the glass is half full or half empty - it’s half full!


    Then we might be a good match!

What are we looking for?


    At FashionUnited you’ll meet team players that are open minded, young, international and say “yes” to new challenges. As the online world is changing every day, we adapt, react and embrace change. We are constantly developing new HR-, Marketing- & IT solutions, to serve our clients’ needs. Our editors identify new ways to present the latest fashion news in the most visitor friendly way. We like to move, we don’t stand still. Do you share our core value's?

    What about you? Joining the FashionUnited crew means that you don’t mind change, love diversity and are passionate about what you do. You are the expert in your field, right? Now show it!

    This sounds good? Then you might want to take the next step in starting a relationship, our relationship. Please take a look at our current vacancies.



Editorial Department

At editorial we love fashion. We love beautiful garments, fine fabrics and intricate design details, but first and foremost we love to write. We are reporters at heart and we’ll do pretty much anything for a good story. So when the party is in full swing and the champagne is flowing we’re back behind our laptops typing up notes in order to finish the article before the early morning deadline. Working in fashion journalism is a great profession thanks to all the talented people we meet and beautiful clothes we see, but in the end it’s all about the 1.5 million fashion professionals - our daily readers - that count on us to be kept informed about the latest news in the fashion industry.

If you’re a keen observer, independent and bold, if you’re a wiz with words and can formulate fabulously, then FashionUnited could be a great fit.

Sales Department

In our team it’s all about people. We listen, we connect, we built relationships. Over 80% of leading fashion companies already work with FashionUnited. We connect them to fashion professionals that are looking for their next move within the fashion industry. We are in sales, but we are not sales people. We are ‘senior listeners’, ‘problem solvers’ and ‘media advisors’ all in one. As this would be a bit too long for our business cards, we go by ‘consultant’.

We believe the magic lies in building relationships and offering innovative HR & marketing solutions. We listen to our partners’ needs, offer personalized updates about the market and create customized strategic HR media plans.

Do you want to get better at what you do every day? Come join our team of international, world class personalities. We are not looking for another sales person, we are looking for people who know how to listen and how to connect. Someone who can translate needs into detailed media plans. A strategic thinker with a can-do mentality. Are you this person? Then you are invited in the champions league and work with the world's greatest fashion companies every day.

Customer Support

Being a member of the support team means you love to help! As a service minded bunch of international professionals, we continuously assist our sales colleagues and clients. We make sure that jobs and banners will actually appear online. On time. Thus, we are where the magic happens, where exciting careers begin.

As the crucial link between our teams, you’ll find us in the middle of the sales floor. This makes it easy to communicate with everyone. How does a day at Customer Support look like? We don’t have a standard answer. You could start your day by placing a banner for a French fashion fair online. After lunch you might post a vacancy for a little boutique in London. Assisting the IT team in finding a solution for a German long term partner could be how your day ends.

Working in a customer-focussed manner is at our heart. Therefore, we speak our clients’ languages, who receive support within 24 hours (most of the time faster). Updating the sales team and providing customized client reports is part of our responsibilities as well. So is making sure that our finance department receives clients’ sales orders that we create.

Sounds like fun? If you are precise, like to work under pressure and if relationship management is your true passion, you might be a great addition to our team!

IT Department

We are inventors, creators and problem solvers at heart. As a vital part of FashionUnited, we make sure that the platform is running smooth as butter and that customers receive top-notch solutions. How do we do this?

We are building the international FashionUnited platform from scratch, all while using the latest technologies and frameworks. We design and develop the best user experience, both internal and external. We provide the highest performance webpages possible and to the point reports, along with tailor-made integrations, for which our clients praise us.

We take our responsibilities seriously, but we meet new challenges with a creative, innovative spirit. Above all, we love to invent.

What did you learn today?

Marketing Department

At marketing we are building the FashionUnited brand. How do we do this? Well, there is not one secret ingredient. Building a successful brand takes many special flavours:

We create concepts and campaigns to increase brand awareness, to spread the word and to attract visitors from around the globe. We form partnerships and become friends with key partners worldwide, no matter in what time zone they are based. At marketing we also constantly identify and serve the needs of fashion professionals in the most suitable way. That’s why we make the latest fashion news available through social media, update our platforms’ content and create pages with valuable insights for those working in fashion.

Our SEO specialists are architects who upgrade our sites, link the web and make sure that our pageviews grow constantly. We also like to create; from appealing information material about FashionUnited to social media campaigns and reports.

If you like to advice, create, observe, evaluate, connect, communicate, listen and aren’t afraid of new challenges, you’ll love working in our team. We are a bunch of friendly marketing experts, with different fields of expertise, from SEO, Social Media to PR and communication. How would you like to contribute to our team?

Finance Department

At finance of course it is all about the numbers. About to bottom line.

We are FashionUnited's control freaks. We like to check and double check and make sure that we are always on track. We record, we pay and we count. We like to see the bigger picture. For our colleagues we regularly put numbers into context by creating reports.

Next to juggling numbers, we are also a pretty social bunch and strong communicators. We are constantly in touch with clients and colleagues, making sure that the products that we offer will actually be paid. Our young team likes new challenges. What about you?

You’ll enjoy joining our team if you work accurately, like to connect with various people and share our passion for numbers.

Not only is it important to have a click with your future employer. The people behind the company are also going to be part of your everyday life. But what is the FashionUnited employee really like?

Well, there is no answer. At FashionUnited you’ll find one of a kind personalities, individual characters and experts. Just like wine and cheese or milk and cookies are very different and already amazing on their own, they fulfill their full flavour together as a team with the same values.

Vivian loves the Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam. “Great place for secondhand treasures, unique finds and of course patat.”

Vivian Hendriksz - Editorial Department

Hello! My name is Vivian (27). I like to think of myself as international citizen as my mother is Colombian, my father Dutch - but I was born in Canada and raised in the United States. I studied in the UK, earning my BA (Hons) in English Literature, but fashion and beauty have always been key interests throughout my youth, alongside of writing. I first joined the editorial team at FashionUnited in Amsterdam in late 2013. As full-time editor writing for the UK I am tasked with covering the daily news, conducting in-depth research as well as interviews and reports - basically, creating original and innovation content for our readers. One thing I truly enjoy about working at FashionUnited is the international reach we have and being able to work with so many different people from all the world.

Although covering the daily news from afar can be a little bit tricky at times, thanks to our great freelance team, we are able to ensure that our UK news site is always up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Plus, it also means that I am able to travel to London, and other countries such as Ireland, Denmark, China and Colombia to attend and cover other key industry events. Since starting at FashionUnited I have met so many interesting people within the industry who have taught me so much. And thanks to our internship programme, I have been able to pass on the skills and knowledge I have developed to interns.

One area which has really interested me within the fashion industry since working with FashionUnited is sustainability and I have set myself the goal of becoming the in-house sustainable and ethical fashion expert. Which is no mean feat, considering how rapidly things evolve and change within the industry, it truly feels like I am learning something new each day. When I am not writing about fashion, I love to curl up and lose myself reading a good book, or experiment with the latest makeup trends and of course spend time with my cats.

Evelyn is in love with Amsterdam Noord. “I enjoy the view from the top of my apartment's roof, overviewing the IJ river and Amsterdam”.

Evelyn Grunau - Sales Support Team

My name is Evelyn (32), originally from Germany (but also half Filipina), I have been living in the Netherlands ten years now. I studied Leisure Management and have a MA in Business Innovation.

I joined FashionUnited in 2012 and am the Assistant Manager of the Sales Support team. Our team is in touch with new and existing clients, who want to manage the vacancies they have online with us, or want to post new ones. I take care of all their requests and am also involved in managing our banner system.

Every day I not only communicate in English, Dutch and German with our clients - but also with my colleagues! We are from all over the world and we can laugh and even cry together. I mostly focus on German clients and help my colleagues from the German Sales Team whenever they have special requests or take over tasks when they are on a business trip or on vacation.

My personal goal is to be on first name basis with as many German clients as possible - in the quite formal business world of Germany, this is a real challenge. A fun one though: I have seen some wedding dresses, had Facebook friend requests and also met a former contact for drinks when she visited Amsterdam! It’s nice to not only be someone providing a service, but to be a real (fun) contact person for our customers! When I’m not at work I try to catch up on tv series, am out and about in Amsterdam or spend time with my cats.

Looking for Wai? He might be strolling through the 9 straatjes, one of his favorite areas in Amsterdam.

Wai Sin - Sales Department

My name is Wai Sin (29). I was born and raised in the Netherlands but I have Chinese roots. I joined the FashionUnited sales team for the Benelux market in 2013, and together with my colleagues we have been able to work with all the top fashion brands on a global scale. Within the sales department, I help fashion companies to find the right talent they need by serving them from A to Z with a total HR solution. Apart from helping our customers, I have been working on a new e-commerce project.

What I enjoy at FashionUnited is that you have the ability to work in a young and dynamic organization with colleagues from around the world. As FashionUnited is growing continuously, I feel like I'm able to learn and develop myself each day.

What makes FashionUnited special is that we adapt our services according to the needs of the clients, develop new solutions by listening to their stories and continue to grow in emerging and even mature markets. It’s a pleasure to be part of this engaging organization, one where I can contribute as a person and grow within the company. Next to work, I love to travel, follow all different kinds of sports and I am always up for a challenge of table-soccer in the office.

I like to spend time with my family and friends. I love to visit and explore new places.

Sumit Dubey - IT Department

Hi! I am a Software Developer at FashionUnited. I am 25 years old and live in Sitapur (UP), India. I joined FashionUnited in February 2016. Here, I really like my team. People are very helping and jolly by nature. We start our day with a healthy discussion about the team (scrum :P).

I have been working on the new implementation of the Products Importer module. FashionUnited has a huge set of projects, and I am slowly getting involved into more and more of them.

When I am not in the office, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I love to visit and explore new places. I am an environmental lover, hence I am a Vegetarian & trying to be a Vegan.

When I have some time off I like to play the piano or read a book.

Saskia Tinholt-van Dugteren - Sales Department

Hi, my name is Saskia. Since March 2014 I am part of the FashionUnited finance team. As Finance Manager I'm responsible for the daily affairs, the annual reports, the balance sheet, profit and loss review, cash management etc. To provide FashionUnited’s Management team with better insights, my team creates budget sheets and management reports. We are learning and improving every day.

In the past 2 years I have been improving the structure of the finance team, helping every colleague to become a specialist in their very specific field. This is an important development and I enjoy managing this process.

The diversity of people and the pleasant atmosphere makes FashionUnited a great place to work. When I’m not at work, I enjoy quality time at home. I'm mother of three kids. When I have some time off I like to play the piano or read a book.

Julia likes to visit KOKO Coffee & Design. “It’s a cozy spot in Amsterdam’s busy city center, where you might find me with a cup of coffee and a slice of fresh banana bread."

Julia Borgdorf - Marketing Department

Hi, I’m Julia. You will find me in the marketing department where I have taken care of PR and partnerships since 2014. Amsterdam hasn’t always been my home. Originally I’m from a less exciting place located somewhere in Germany. For my studies of International Communications I relocated to the country of borrels, bikes and broodjes. If you don’t know what that is join us and find out...

Working in the marketing department (and at FashionUnited) is a fun adventure. Every day is different. I establish partnerships with Fashion Weeks, trade fairs and other fashion events from Australia to Vancouver, write press releases and create concepts for new collaborations. This position didn’t exist as it is today before I started. Therefore, I’m especially proud of having established a network of awesome partners with a bouquet of strategies and concepts on offer. If you happen to be looking for something unique, just let me know and I can always make you something special from scratch.

You will read it in 99.99 percent of the get to know us introductions, but the colleagues here are simply the best. They are a friendly and lovely bunch of people with a good heart and great ideas. The international vibe is the cherry on the top. That’s why I like coming to work, a warm buenos dias welcoming me in the morning and an au revoir in the evening. Lot’s of cakes, brezels and cups of tea in between..

Besides FashionUnited, I like to explore Amsterdam, discover new cute coffee places, markets, stuff going on. I’m also always up for a gezellige borrel with friends. Just say when and where and I’ll be there.

Currently we are looking for: